Energy has become one of our essentials to progress through the day. Power is increasingly in demand as our generations progress. It is because of that, we want to be a part of our people’s lives. We care for our country’s welfare. Therefore, we make it our mission in providing Malaysia’s energy with outmost care for our people and the environment.

1200 MW

Pulau Indah Power Plant

675 MW

Kuala Langat Power Plant

30 MW

Small Hydro Power

0.786 MW


106 MW

Waste to Energy

12.6 MW

Landfill Gas


We are always committed to growing our portfolio and services to further enhance our mark in our development. As it is part of our ongoing effort, we are constantly expanding our reach and our expertise in the energy sector. Aside from involving with developing energy production structure, we are exploring into auditing as well consultancy. Provide the much needed services for our clients for a BRIGHTER TOMORROW.

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